13 Nov 1964 letter from Dept of Industries and Commerce to Mr Jones, W. White (Wholesale) Ltd

Mr G. T. Jones,

W. White (Wholesale) Ltd,

P. O. Box 9116,



Dear Mr Jones,

Following our discussion last week I have again perused the departmental papers relating to your company’s Triumph “Tigress” project, and also discussed the subject with the Minister of Customs.

As all companies which have had special import licences granted for motor scooter manufacturing are being required by the Minister to adhere to the terms of the approvals, both as to domestic content and timing, the Department can only confirm the text of its earlier letter that 1964/65 import licences cannot be recommended unless the programmed production is in accordance with the approval.

Yours sincerely,

(T. M. Brown)

for Secretary


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