L.A.S.T. South Island Scooter tour – Part 2

Laura Feasey, Aaron Gill, Sarah Wattignar, Thornton Peck

1 January 2011 – Arrowtown

Local shambling day.  Scoot to Queenstown and back, and ate our way through Arrowtown.

2 January 2011 – Arrowtown to Milford

Cheese roll territory, true scooterist food.  Need the calories as we tucked down into the wind into Te Anau.  All of us focused on the mission of today, 1.2km of the dark and dingy Homer Tunnel.  Weather was true Milford: cold, wet, icy, couldn’t have been more perfect to conquer the mighty tunnel.  Job done, then the switchbacks, and into the haven of Milford Lodge.