Trackday 22nd November 2008, Taupo Racetrack

Paul Jones, winner of the Matt Watson Memorial Trophy, scooter racing at Mt Wellington, Auckland, Sunday 16th November 2008, 50 lap race. Photo: Mike Green

Michael Davies

November 22 was another cracker, warm and dry and ideal for scooter racing. Shaneo from Bay of Plenty generously provided accommodation the night before. Great to see the Napier boys show up and offer support.

Unfortunately most of the Auckland race crew never made this event. Previous Taupo track days we have attended were run by Kiwi Biker, this event was run by Moto TT, a local Taupo based company setup solely to provide Taupo track days for motorcycle enthusiasts.

It had a similar format of 4 race groups from Slow to Fast, scooters participated in the slow class, our group was comprised of about 20 motorcycles including myself on my Belladonna RV180, Matt Brookes with his long stroke Cosa 200, Shane O’Leary and his Vespa 150, Marty Boulton with his GP200 street racer Lambretta and Daniel Brough on his red runner dedicated racer 180 auto. That made a respectable 25% of our group comprised of scooters.