Canscoot Show Weekend Ride Report

Bruce Pollock

Many thanks to all who made the effort to attend this years Labour weekend ride held on Show Weekend.

This year CanScoot was joined by Scooterists from Otago, Napier, Wellington, Palmerston, Blenheim and also a lot of new riders from Canterbury itself.

A big shout out to Pete Childs for heading up the organising team – a great route (although the shingle did catch a few out) and the weather is still embedded in the burnt faces I saw on Sunday afternoon.
Thanks also to Chalky for assisting Pete this year. For next year, I believe Chalky has some ideas in the making and will be assisted by Prunes for a trip around North Otago.

Many thanks also to Barney and Conrad for the support vehicle. Barney’s patience is legendary as is his unique fining system.

I still have a Speight’s branded sleeping bag yet to be claimed, so if you sleep with Speight’s let me know. (maybe Joe90’s?)
The load in the van this year was huge and it seems to grow every year.
Best dressed went to Brent McGill and John Lennon aka “Ozzy Osbourne”.
Ozzy for his red lace up leather pants and his Saturday night wish to be at the fetish ball and Brent for the instant dry gabardine white bowling pants and contrasting jacket. What outfits!

To Chalky and Julian, those shirts (the wife beater & top crop yellow tennis top) – can I suggest these items shouldn’t be seen again unless you’re outside the local gay bar or with other scooterists.

I counted 37 scooters down at Café Roma for the departure. Some of those didn’t make the whole trip and we also picked up more en route. So I think it would be safe to say this was our biggest (in terms of attendance) run to date.

Scoot NZ December 2008