Auckland to Bluff 1959 part 1

Compiled by Jess Corbett
Contributors John McKillop, Irene Wilson (nee Honeybun), Ivan Gardiner

Back row: Pam Satterthwaite / Roger Brownsey / Jo Leyman / Ilene Honeybun / John McKillop / Ivan Gardiner
Middle row: Kathleen Jackson / Daphne Holloway / Naomi Homan / Joyce Aitcheson / Lex Douglas
Front row: Bob Fulton / Yvonne Lewis / Wayne Petley / Tony Duthie / David Williams / Faye Durante / Janice Edwards / Murray McCowan

These intrepid scooterists set out on a trip from Auckland to Bluff in early 1959. The Auckland Motor Scooter Club went on regular weekly rides, and there was a natural progression from overnight and weekend rides around the North Island, to long distance trips such as this one.

Some of the riders, wanting to notch a “North Cape to Bluff” ride on their belts, rode to Cape Reinga at New Years weekend 1959, before their planned departure date of February 14th for the south.

North Cape Trip, New Year 1959, prior to the Auckland to Bluff trip.