Motoretta (formerly known as Mille Miglia)

Photos supplied by the organiser – collated from contributions by participants and spectators.

In the last two years an exciting new event has been created in New Zealand scootering. The Mille Miglia Scooter Challenge first occurred in 2012, successfully repeated in 2013, and the 2014 event is gearing up now, with a large jump in participants and rumours of overseas entrants.

Entry priority for 2014 goes to previous participants, with any remaining places opening to others in November 2013.

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Winners: 2012
Team Fester (l to r)

Matt Brookes
Yuri Erakovich
Nick Gill

Winners: 2013
Team Schnauzer (l to r)

Matt Gerrard
Yuri Erakovich
Fran Linehan