Scooter Drags, Easter 2011

Words by Yuri Erakovich Photos by Simon Lockie

Scooterists attended the drag meeting held in conjunction with the VW Nationals over Easter weekend, 2011 They had a blast and took out the top prizes in the “Dial your Own” drag competition.

Ryan Milbank

Lance Muir, Red NZETA (Honda 250 motor): “I defied the laws of physics by managing to do a wheelie on the Nzeta. Came close to shitting in my leathers. But at least I bet the guy in his mums VW golf and Paul. I challenge all other Nzeta riders to beat my time of 17.00. Scooters Ruled.”

Lance Muir

Paul Jones on the RB20 kitted Grey Lambretta Slimstyle 18.1 seconds @71mph was also beaten by Yuri Erakovich on his Polini 130 powered cutdown PK.

Yuri Erakovich

Christiaan Liebenow on Harry Barlow tuned rapido 225 Lambretta GP experienced clutch failure but made a couple of runs in his four door 80’s flavour Mercedes.

Left: Paul Jones, Right: Ryan Milbank

Paul Jones: roadgoing Slimstyle Lambretta RB200: 18.1@71mph

Lance Muir: NZETA 250: ET 17.00 Top Speed 73.2 MPH

Kevin Golding

Kevin Golding: Black and white Lambretta GP with tuned TS1 225: 15.89@75mph.

Winner of the whole days elimination racing, and proud owner of New Zealand’s confirmed quickest and most powerful scooter to date (dyno tested at around 36 HP now), was Ryan Milbank running around 14.8 seconds on the quarter mile on brown Cut down, low-riding Lambretta GP with RB 250, custom chamber. Running beside him, I can report the sound of the 250 single was impressively raucous.

Also for the record I did 24.98 seconds in my krusty VW bus. And I had no idea what the Christmas Tree lights meant at that stage.

If you get the chance to go drag racing, get out there- it’s as much fun developing launch technique and reaction time as it is tweaking your motor for max HP. And for 25 bucks, It was a cheap days motor-head fun- and even racing against a guy in a toyota MR2, there was a sense of comradeship you’d not find if you were splitting lanes next to him on the motorway in rush hour.

And nothing can top “beating” a guy on a tweaked Hayabusa on your moped.