28 July 1965 Dept of Industries and Commerce, notes on meeting with Mr T. G. Jones, Manager, W. White (Wholesale) Limited

Mr Jones called to see Mr Brown, but as he was not there I saw him.

He said that he had landed the last lot of 250 c.c. Tiger Scooters for which he has a 1965/66 licence for £6,000. He said he now wants to make 100 c.c. scooters, which is a new m0del with automatic gear change and he wanted to know the department’s policy. He considered that this was a new project altogether and therefore they could start at stage one and work forward through the stages.  I informed him that the department would consider the manufacture at that stage where he should have arrived under the old manufacturing scheme, which I would understand to be either stage 3 or stage 4.

Mr Jones later called to see Mr Brown who confirmed the above.

J.E.B. Lawson


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