New motorcycle parking areas proposed in Wellington

Wellington City Council have just released a set of new Traffic Resolutions for consideration, which includes several new motorcycle parking areas. It adds up to a total of 54 metres.

WCC Traffic resolutions.

Council has received numerous requests to increase the availability of motorcycle parking in the CBD. Currently demand for on street motorcycle parking space exceeds supply. Officers consider that, with rising fuel costs, increasing numbers of commuters are turning to scooters or motorcycles as a cheaper transport option. From a demand perspective, it is likely that an increase in use of scooters and motorbikes will reduce the numbers of cars commuting to work in the CBD, which will in turn reduce car congestion and demand for on street car park space.”

The demand for motorcycle parking in the city is growing rapidly, mainly as a result of fuel price rises. An assessment of parking within the CBD is being undertaken and it has been found that small motorcycles stands can be shoehorned into existing parking arrangements without significantly compromising existing arrangements.”

Proposed new parking areas include:

Cable St (opposite Te Papa) – two new sections of parking.
Victoria St (opposite Central Library, at the Mercer St intersection)
Wakefield St (near the pedestrian crossing opposite the City Council, near the Lido Cafe)
Wakefield St (near the intersection with Tory St)
Jessie St
Tennyson St
Marion St

2 thoughts on “New motorcycle parking areas proposed in Wellington

  1. Yes! We need more bike and scooter parking places, and also places to stow our riding gear and helmets.

  2. This is *awesome* but I suspect they are not going to solve the situation by adding just these areas. Not only are half of them in the wrong places, but there’s not enough. The number of scooters sold each week in Wellington is increasing, and when bike sales in Wellington are traditionally flat over winter, all bike shops are reporting a busy winter.

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