Stolen. Black Yamaha Jog.

Stolen. Black Yamaha Jog scooter 37YTK.
Taken from Austin Street, near corner with Majoribanks Street, Mt Victoria,
Wellington sometime around September 1st to 5th.

Distinguishing features:
All down the left [95% sure it is the left] side are scratches.It has a
cracked orange front indicator light cover on the left side.
And the brake lever on the left side is also slightly bent down – all of
these are from the impact of when it got knocked over in the wind.

On the right hand side, where you rest your right foot while riding (towards
the front of the bike) there is a smallish crack in the plastic – around the
area where there is a screw.

I left the bike with its internal wheel locking mechanism on, and with the
keyhole cover on, so the key area is likely missing or mangled if it was
hot-wired. The front plastic often gets pulled back and broken if it is
hotwired also.

The Wellington police station number is 04 381 2000 if you do spot it, and
please call Richard on 021 125 4117 also.

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