Fellow Classic Scooter Fans,
It brings me great honour to announce an upcoming event that a number of the aged steel and (sometimes gears, lets not forget the Rabbits and the aged Jap Scooters) community has been working on.

On the 22nd of March, the same contributors that worked on the Waihi Rally and gave generously to the Child Cancer foundation and gave away a classic PX150 scooter, bring to you


The concept is for something along the lines of the Hotrod Blowout that is hosted each year by the Scavengers. It is a classic only event that has a cut off date of 1979. The idea of this is not to be exclusive but to guarantee a flavour for the event. The show ground will be divided up into marques, years and quality as best we can. Of course there will be music and entertainment will abound.

So as not to exclude people who have that gem in their shed that they cant quite finish, we want to encourage people to bring their projects! This could include a Maico Mobile, a Heinkel Tourist, an Nzetta – who really knows? The promotion of the event has already begun on the scooter underground.

Judging of the show will be by peoples choice and of course there will be prizes on the day. Other things that we anticipate to include are a pinstriping booth, maybe some scooter inspired art or concept drawings. We would like to go as far as a scooter laid out in bits on a sheet, a sort of exploded diagram of a scooter.

So people, rally around, get inspired and join us at the Scooterworld carpark on Sunday the 22nd of March at Midday. Parking at the event will be strictly pre 1979, there is plenty of parking locally for the cars and trailers required to bring some of the trailer queens. Being a Sunday, we anticipate a great turnout, heaps of parking and great weather.

Come one, come all. Entry to the event will be by gold coin, and proceeds will help cover our costs and pay for the grand prize.

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