Mandatory use of headlights on mopeds and motorcycles from Nov 1st 2009

From 1st November 2009, it will be mandatory to have headlights or running lights switched on in daytime (as well as nighttime) for mopeds and motorcycles manufactured after 1st January 1980.

Land Transport Q & A

4. Headlamps on mopeds and motorcycles

How will the Rule be amended in relation to the use of headlamps on motor cycles and mopeds?

Mopeds and motorcycles riders are required to ride with their headlamps on or, if fitted, daytime running lamps, during daylight hours. This requirement applies only to riders of mopeds or motorcycles manufactured after 1 January 1980.

Why will this Rule amendment be made?

Motorcycle casualties (fatalities plus serious and minor injuries) have increased by almost 80 percent since 2001. While some of the growth in casualties might have been expected as a result of the 28 percent increase in motorcycles being licensed over the same period, the large increase in casualties is a concern.

Furthermore, in that period the cost of fuel rose, and continuing fluctuations in the cost of fuel, may make motorcycle ownership and use attractive. It is important that best-practice motorcycle safety initiatives are put in place to deal with this growing road safety problem.
What penalties will there be for those breaching this provision of the Rule?

The proposed penalty will be an infringement fee of $100.

What else is being done to improve the safety of motorcyclists?

Motorcyclist safety has been proposed as a high priority for Safer Journeys road safety strategy to take us through to 2020. In August 2009, the public’s views will be sought on several road safety issues, including motorcycle safety, and possible actions for addressing them. Following public consultation a final strategy will be released in December 2009.

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