WCC parking update from Jon Visser

“Happy New Year and I have some good news. I have just finished a meeting with our traffic engineers, who have agreed with the following proposed traffic resolutions (subject to public consultation & agreement by Councillors):

* Addition of a new P120 Motorcycles-Only parking bay in the Victoria Street parking lay-by opposite Scooterazzi. The time restriction discourages all-day parking (e.g. commuters or stock for sale) thereby making it more likely that riders can get a park.

* Addition of two new Motorcycles-Only parking bays in College Street (to replace the space that was lost). One of these will be time restricted (P120) to support the small cafe businesses at the western end, the other will be approximately 6m of unrestricted space at the eastern end (not highly utilised by cars).

The introduction of the two P120 restricted motorcycles-only spaces is a new initiative that will help us to understand how they will be utilised, iron out any issues with enforcement and hopefully provide some relief for casual parkers and riders in the south & east of the CBD where there is a lot of pressure. If this works out well, then we may propose via a “motorcycle parking policy” (draft currently being written) that we implement this approach throughout the city (i.e. not all spaces but enough to provide some vacant capacity during the day for casual parkers to use).

In addition to the above, I have also reviewed Featherston Street again with our traffic engineers and we have agreed to look into formalising a few of the short unmarked spaces at the ends of Pay & Display rows to motorcycles only and the remainder will be marked with broken yellow lines to indicate that this space is not appropriate to park in (i.e. required for vehicles to safely manoeuvre into spaces).” Jon Visser, WCC.

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