Scoot NZ is a monthly small-format print magazine edited and published from Wellington, New Zealand, by Jess Corbett.

Scoot NZ also acquires any photographs, information, memorabilia, and stories of scooters in New Zealand from the 1950’s to today. At any one time I have several ‘lines of enquiry’ on various subjects, which involve visiting National Archives and also intensively searching online archives and information, following leads to find people to interview and where possible to obtain copies of their photographs and other memorabilia.

Much of this work is unfinished and unpublished.

The subjects include scooter manufacturers (e.g. Airco) and dealers, former scooterists (particularly from the 1950’s to the 1980’s) clubs, events, rallies and rides, print media ads, and anything else relating to New Zealand scootering.

I have been fortunate to receive donations of old memorabilia from several former scooterists, which I am very grateful for. This included a stock of old Auckland Motor Scooter Club magazines from the 1960’s, manuals, photographs, awards, stickers, etc.

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  1. Hi Jess, my dad worked for John Dale in the mid 60’s. He rode one of the scooters to and from work which was lent to him by John Dale. My dad was one of the sales staff. I actually have a tiny bit of standard 8mm film footage my dad made outside the shop, plus him riding on one of the scooters.

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