Function at the Junction, Blenheim 2012

Function at the Junction Blenheim 2012 – PDF

Interislander Group Rates – Function at the Junction 2012 – PDF


Function at the Junction Blenheim 2012
Waitangi Weekend – February 4th – 6th
Spring Creek Junction, Blenheim
Rally Update

Many thanks to all those who have registered already, numbers are growing daily.

We have extended the registration period for an additional week after having spoken to the caterers. The last day for registration is now Friday 27th January.

The patches are printed and looking pretty smart!

Reference accommodation : Spring Creek Motel still has rooms available, I believe the Junction Hotel still has 3 rooms available and free camping is still an option (facilities however are very basic).

Fuel is not available at the Spring Creek service station over the holiday weekend, fuel is available at Shell garages in Picton and Blenheim.

Rally / riding season officially open!

The NZCSC 11th Rally at Labour Weekend has kicked off the summer riding and rally season in earnest.

After a tough and stressful winter for a lot of us, a relaxing holiday weekend in Taranaki seems like heaven. Quite a few breakdowns though, particularly for the Wellington crew – it may be time to consider AA memberships for those going on tour – they have a premium membership option to get you and your scooter all the way back to your hometown, not just the nearest AA agent – a good option if you cannot fix it yourself and a van/trailer/truck isn’t readily available.

Some rallies and rides have already been discussed over the weekend. This is the first with enough detail to post.

Michael Davies: Late January 2011 rally North of Auckland

Kevin and I are working on the idea of a rally at THE FARM ( in one of the last two weekends of January, the last weekend being anniversary weekend.
It is a 1000 acre farm in Whangaruru South of Bay of Islands on the old Russell Road, great road for touring and plenty of distractions, such as dirt bikes and beaches etc..
This will be an event where family and children are encouraged (all ages), so encourage partners and children, they will love it.
We hosted a rally there 2005/06 cant remember which year, various accommodation options ranging from tenting, cottages and converted wood shed into dorm etc..
Feed back on dates would be appreciated, but we are assuming school holidays,
You will see the price options are very reasonable, bedding included
No card
En suite double $35pp
Doubles $25pp
Dorm $20pp inc. bedding
Camping $12pp
Singles $25
Meals etc…
Breakfast: Including Cereal, Toast, Butter & Jam, Tea & instant coffee $5
Lunch with Tea or Coffee $8
Evening Dinner. Great food cooked by our chef! $15 (ask about tonight’s menu and reserve your table)
Horsemanship Intro lesson Approx 60 mins $45
Horse Treks Approx 120+ mins $60 (2nd trek $40)
Motorbike riding lesson Approx 90 mins $50 (includes a short trek)
Motorbike trek through Devils Hill & White gate. Approx 60 mins $60 (2nd trek $40). Choose from Suzuki TF125cc, Yamaha XT250cc DT175cc, XR100cc, Honda 200cc. Safety gear included.
Kayaks Per day $15 per person. We have double or single Kayaks located just 5 minutes walk from the house.
Fishing & Snorkelling $39 all gear included
Boogie-Board surfing FREE. We have couple of boards you can borrow.
Walk to Pigs Pass and
River Valley Pass
60 – 90 mins FREE. Just follow the signs
Spa Pool FREE
Organic Steam Room FREE