Auckland to Bluff 1959 part 1

Part Two: Wellington to Picton

Ilene Wilson:

“I remember standing on the wharf in Wellington watching with great trepidation as my scooter (and everyone else’s too) being loaded onto the overnight ferry (it might have been the Rangitane) in a cargo sling. It was a very scary sight! However it survived unscathed.”

Ivan Gardiner:
“Think I recall staying at the motor camp at Hutt Park. I recall the visit to the big BP service station in Wellington, and having the scooters loaded onto the Rangatira for the crossing to Picton. It was a daylight crossing and on the old Rangatira there was a walkway across the ship, just in front of and one deck below the bridge, and I spent about half an hour all by myself just leaning on the big teak rail as we cruised through the sounds. The weather was perfect. Gradually, others seemed to discover what a great spot this was to take in the view, first Ilene Honeybun, then Johnny Mac, and by the time we got to Picton the place was quite crowded. Off the ferry (scooters offloaded on platforms, hoisted by a crane) then I think we must have stayed overnight in Blenheim. “