John Patterson, 2008 interview

At this stage, John had people arriving, phoning, writing to him seemingly every day, requesting parts. John would send the parts off the next day – this kind of service hadn’t been offered before.

“There was a group of people in the Waikato, and they were real scooter enthusiasts. They’d come down, wanting parts. I had to call my daughter to help me when we were really busy. We had very good servicing down here [Rotorua], and I had a good workshop.”
John then found suitable premises to lease in Auckland, and Scooterworld began.

“It didn’t really go as well as I thought it would go. We started bringing in scooters from Italy. I always felt that they were quite highly priced”.

“I’d had a couple of heart bypasses, and it got to the point when neither my son nor myself wanted to live in Auckland, and it needed someone to be in Auckland to work the place. He’d go up for one week, and the next week I’d go up.

We had a van, and when I came back I’d bring the load of scooters back down to Rotorua for servicing. That was alright, but then my heart packed up again, and nobody expected me to live.

While I was in intensive care in Auckland Hospital, they [my family] advertised the business and sold it.”.