John Patterson, 2008 interview

The buyers of Scooterworld didn’t purchase all John’s stock and equipment – he continued to supply the shop with parts, especially older parts. He later advertised the parts for sale – and despite interest from several people in New Zealand, no one was prepared to pay the money.

Then one day, a couple of Australians turned up on his doorstep, had a look around, and agreed to take the lot.

John was on the receiving end of abuse from scooterists calling for parts, when they heard it had all gone to Australia. He subsequently suffered several more heart attacks.

John still has a couple of scooters, a 1998 Skipper, and 1998 Hexagon, and he can still get around, although he needs to be careful.

He is also restoring a 1953 vespa 125 (not his own), and still gets calls from people wanting information about scooters.

“Vespas are a disease. I can’t leave them alone. And a lot of people I know, they can’t leave them alone either.”

From an interview by phone in early 2008 with Jess Corbett.

Scoot NZ #34