“Asian Resto’s”

What is an ‘Asian Resto’?

Vespa was exported all over the world – regularly to about a hundred countries – including ‘Asia’. In the last 5 to 8 years, many of these original vespa’s from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s have been ‘restored’ to varying degrees and sold to overseas buyers. Some have been altered to look like 50’s scooters. It is the quality (or not) of these restorations that have created the term ‘Asian resto’. Some examples of very pretty looking ‘restorations’ hide worn out and dangerous engine parts. There is a very good reason to be wary of any classic scooters restored in and exported from countries like Vietnam. Some scooter shops and mechanics, after attempting to rescue some of these scooters, only to have them come back again and again, now refuse to work on any more.I have noticed some confusion and misinformation on some Trademe auctions of these scooters. Many people comment on them being ‘fake’. Sellers try and discount ‘purists’ as if the only problem with the scooters is that they have come from asia – when the problem is really that there is no knowing what state the engine is in.