The Androidds

The Androidss – yes, with a double s, a set of twins and two brothers are back!

Don’t miss their one and only Auckland show on Saturday Oct 25th, at one of Auckland’s oldest standing Rock ‘n’ Roll venues, that’s right – The Kings Arms.

Christchurch punk band The Androidss formed in 1979 and last played Auckland in 1981 – 27 years ago! Some of you will remember them, others of you would not have been born yet, but the legacy of their hit song ‘Auckland Tonight’ and their punk attitude lives on in many of us.

It been 27 years since the The Androidss last played Auckland!

It is a show that me, myself Devil Doll is proudly promoting so pass the e-mail round.

Devil Doll


This band has a great and large repertoire of songs that were most unfortunately lost to history. A contributing factor to their history and lack of recordings was due to a couple of members doing jail time. However, ‘Auckland Tonight’ and ‘Getting Jumpy’ were the only two songs to have been recorded/documented/saved, thanks to Ripper Records.

Ripper Records being one of NZ’s most important record labels. Hell, it was only the first punk record label to have started up in NZ! The mastermind behind the label was Bryan Staff, who up until recently hosted a country music show on Radio Live.

World famous in Christchurch, this band was very important on the local scene for it’s melodic post punk Rock/Pop sound.

Don’t consider this a mere reunion show for the revivalists, this is a show to evoke and awake the punk attitude that so many bands and businesses have adopted today…Hallelujah!

This show will stand the test of time, with old favourites and new songs from their up coming album, or rather long awaited album. Incarceration can somewhat stifle productivity – 27 years in the baking!

Quote from punk band peers,

The Enemy on 3 Jun 2008

‘Auckland Tonight is an under recognised New Zealand classic’

Quote from

‘Undeniably the band produced some standalone great music, pure guitar pop.

I never saw the Androidss perform live and never actually met any of the band members directly, so the band is a bit of an enigma to me, just their reputation and their music left to impress me. One band I really wish I’d caught live.’

Don’t be the one writing the above in years to come.

The Androidss

Saturday October 25th at The Kings Arms with support from;

Labretta Suede and The Motel 6


The Bilge Rats

Door 8pm.