Government announces 2010/11 ACC levy rates

Link to Beehive announcement

“The Government has opted for more moderate motorcycle levy increases than ACC recommended. [from 1st July 2010] Mopeds 50cc and under will pay $129.24; motorbikes up to 600cc will pay $327.70; and bikes over 600cc will pay $426.92. As part of the motorcycle levy, $30 will now be committed to injury prevention modelled on the successful programme in Victoria, Australia. My message to motorcyclists is the escalating costs of motorcycle accidents cannot be ignored but ACC wants to work with you on improving safety.”

Note that these amounts are just the ACC levy portion of a motorcycle vehicle licence, not including the other fees charged by NZTA.

For the ACC levy portion of the Licencing fee charged by NZTA, there are now three categories (following are the petrol categories):
Category                                   Was:         Will be:
Mopeds (up to 49/50cc)       58.97       129.24
Motorcycles (50 to 600cc)  252.69     327.70
Motorcycles (600+cc)           252.69     426.92

(Vintage – over 40 years old  58.97         69.46)

“The Government does not believe that there are sufficient motorcycles in the 50-125cc range to justify a separate class, so has opted for a single class for motorcycles up to 600cc.” (extract from this document: Questions and Answers)

On top of these levies are the other fees charged by NZTA.

Listen here to Nick Smith giving the clear impression that car owners are all paying extra to save motorcyclists paying a lot more:  Link to Checkpoint MP3

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