WCC propose removing the Mercer St motorcycle park

If you had heard of the recent proposal to change Manners Mall from it’s current pedestrian only status to being a glorified bus lane – and weren’t very interested, think again.

Buried in the details are a proposal to remove the current Mercer St motorcycle parking area (currently providing space for at least 30 motorcycles and scooters), and replacing it with angled car parking for ten cars.

There is also a proposal to put a motorcycle parking space on the other side of Mercer St, but its only about the equivalent of two car spaces, adjacent to a loading zone.

Letter dated 17 Dec 2009, to Residents, Ratepayers. “Revocation of the pedestrian mall status of Manners Mall and creation of a shared public space in lower Cuba Street” (PDF)

Map to accompany the letter above (PDF)

The formal process for the Traffic Resolutions, which considers the proposed parking/loading zone changes will commence next month.  The official advertisement of this will be in the “Our Wellington” page of the Dominion Post on the 19th January 2010. The period for submissions regarding the proposals closes at 5.00pm on Friday 5th February.

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