Subsidised courses – Learn to Ride Safely

Wellington City Council and the Accident Compensation Corporation are offering subsidised rider training for scooter and motorbike riders on the following dates:

Saturday 25 February for beginner riders
Saturday 31 March for advanced riders
Saturday 21 April for beginner riders
Saturday 12 May for advanced riders

Qualified instructors from ROADSAFE Limited, who hold ‘L’ endorsement qualifications, will lead the training sessions. This course costs just $20 per person – discounted from $120.

This course is aimed at existing scooter and motorbike riders. It covers the skills required to ride safely in the city. The course is not part of the rider licensing process.

You will need to bring your own bike, helmet and drivers licence.
To register, phone (04) 803 8635 or download the registration form:


Original site here: Subsidised courses – Learn to Ride Safely

WCC consulting now, adding P120 motorcycle parks

Wellington City Council have just opened for submissions on 18 traffic and parking resolutions.

Link to WCC public input page on 18 traffic and parking resolutions – respond by 15th Feb 2011

The two motorcycle specific changes are here (PDF’s): They are both converting small sections of current no stopping sections to P120 motorcycle parks.
Stout St – Lambton
Waring Taylor – Lambton

National Forum of Motorcycle Groups

Media Release

4 October 2010

National Forum of Motorcycle Groups.

A meeting was held on 2 October 2010 in Petone, near Wellington to consider the concept of a national forum of motorcycling groups.

Ten national level motorcycling groups were represented and after discussion, it was agreed to develop a proposal to establish such a forum.

The proposed purpose of the forum will be to advocate for the interests of on-road motorcyclists, agree on common ground and establish good communication networks.

The proposal will be available to other motorcycling groups who may share the interests and concerns of those attending the meeting.

The groups represented at the meeting were: The Ulysses Club of New Zealand Inc.; Motorcycling New Zealand Inc. (MNZ), Women’s International Motorcycling Association New Zealand Division (WIMA), Motorcycle Action Group of New Zealand Inc. (MAG-NZ), BMW Owners Register Inc. of NZ (BMWOR), Buell Riders New Zealand, Gold Wing Road Riders Assn (GWRRA), New Zealand Gold Wing Riders (Inc.), New Zealand Classic Scooter Club; and Bikers Rights Organisation New Zealand (BRONZ) (Auckland) – all of whom will be consulting their respective memberships on the forum concept.

Interested groups are encouraged to contact the above for further information.

A further meeting will be convened in early 2011 to consider feedback and further action.


Government announces changes to improve safety

Government announces changes to improve safety

Motorcycle and moped safety – FAQs

“The motorcycle and moped safety proposals will require an amendment to the Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule. This Rule will be amended as part of the 2010/11 land transport rules programme.

The public will have a chance to have their say as part of the rules consultation process. It is expected that the public consultation on the motorcycle and moped safety proposals will occur before the end of the year.”

Moped vehicle licence fees as of July 2010

I obtained this information from NZTA by email and asked them to consider posting on the main NZTA site along with the fees for all the other vehicle types, which they are considering.

Current licence fees for mopeds licensed under usage 1 – Private Passenger.

Age Fuel Type 12 Month 6 Month
Less than 40 years Petrol $169.27 $88.41
Less than 40 years Non-petrol $207.38 $107.47
Over 40 years Petrol $102.02 $54.79
Over 40 years Non-petrol $146.48 $77.02

Motorcycle WOF manual

An issue has come up recently for people trying to get WOF’s – VTNZ insisting that the front brake must operate a rear brake light (as well as the rear brake operating the brake light).

Check section 4-10-2 to see the relevant section:

Mandatory and permitted equipment
1. A motorcycle first registered in New Zealand before 1 January 1978 may be fitted with one or two stop lamps.
2. A motorcycle first registered in New Zealand on or after 1 January 1978 must be fitted with one or two stop lamps.

This would seem to mean that you can just have one brake light, i.e.  operated by one brake.


Lighting section of WOF Manual (PDF)