Golden Mile – Manners Mall – bye bye Mercer St motorcycle park?

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The following consultation is now available online:

Traffic Resolution – Golden Mile
Proposed traffic restrictions to carry out the bus priority scheme in Golden Mile – Manners Mall.

Opened: 13 April
Closing: 30 April

Traffic Resolution – Golden Mile

Bus only lane

Wellington City Council is asking for public submissions on a resolution for traffic restrictions so that we can carry out the bus priority scheme in the Golden Mile.

Background Information

There are some traffic movement and parking changes needed in light of the Council’s decision to open up Manners Mall to public transport and to make improvements to surrounding streets.

The Council’s decision to revoke the pedestrian status of Manners Mall has been the subject of an Environment Court appeal. We expect to hear the outcome of the appeal in May. The project will proceed if the Council’s decision is upheld.

The resolution forms part of the preparatory work needed for construction works.

Projects – Restoring the Golden Mile – Bus Route and Street Changes


The proposed changes involve:

  • reversing the flow of general traffic in Manners Street (and restricting turn movements as a result)
  • removing parking from Manners Street east and Willis Street
  • creating more car parks in Dixon Street, Victoria Street, Wakefield Street and Mercer Street.

Some current car parks will be out of use during the construction period.

The changes will result in better overall movement of traffic through the area and provide approximately 40 additional car parks.


To make a submission, read the proposed traffic resolution, view the map and complete the online submission form below.

The deadline for submissions is:  5.00pm Friday 30 April 2010.

WCC parking update from Jon Visser

“Happy New Year and I have some good news. I have just finished a meeting with our traffic engineers, who have agreed with the following proposed traffic resolutions (subject to public consultation & agreement by Councillors):

* Addition of a new P120 Motorcycles-Only parking bay in the Victoria Street parking lay-by opposite Scooterazzi. The time restriction discourages all-day parking (e.g. commuters or stock for sale) thereby making it more likely that riders can get a park.

* Addition of two new Motorcycles-Only parking bays in College Street (to replace the space that was lost). One of these will be time restricted (P120) to support the small cafe businesses at the western end, the other will be approximately 6m of unrestricted space at the eastern end (not highly utilised by cars).
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WCC propose removing the Mercer St motorcycle park

If you had heard of the recent proposal to change Manners Mall from it’s current pedestrian only status to being a glorified bus lane – and weren’t very interested, think again.

Buried in the details are a proposal to remove the current Mercer St motorcycle parking area (currently providing space for at least 30 motorcycles and scooters), and replacing it with angled car parking for ten cars.

There is also a proposal to put a motorcycle parking space on the other side of Mercer St, but its only about the equivalent of two car spaces, adjacent to a loading zone.
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Government announces 2010/11 ACC levy rates

Link to Beehive announcement

“The Government has opted for more moderate motorcycle levy increases than ACC recommended. [from 1st July 2010] Mopeds 50cc and under will pay $129.24; motorbikes up to 600cc will pay $327.70; and bikes over 600cc will pay $426.92. As part of the motorcycle levy, $30 will now be committed to injury prevention modelled on the successful programme in Victoria, Australia. My message to motorcyclists is the escalating costs of motorcycle accidents cannot be ignored but ACC wants to work with you on improving safety.”

Note that these amounts are just the ACC levy portion of a motorcycle vehicle licence, not including the other fees charged by NZTA.

For the ACC levy portion of the Licencing fee charged by NZTA, there are now three categories (following are the petrol categories):
Category                                   Was:         Will be:
Mopeds (up to 49/50cc)       58.97       129.24
Motorcycles (50 to 600cc)  252.69     327.70
Motorcycles (600+cc)           252.69     426.92

(Vintage – over 40 years old  58.97         69.46)

“The Government does not believe that there are sufficient motorcycles in the 50-125cc range to justify a separate class, so has opted for a single class for motorcycles up to 600cc.” (extract from this document: Questions and Answers)

On top of these levies are the other fees charged by NZTA.

Listen here to Nick Smith giving the clear impression that car owners are all paying extra to save motorcyclists paying a lot more:  Link to Checkpoint MP3

Wellington parking update

from Jon Visser of WCC:

“I have confirmed with our parking contractor that:
“For parking restrictions indicated with a blue & white sign, these restrictions only apply between the hours of 8am and 6pm unless the sign specifies a different time period or ‘at all times’. While the law now allows this to be enforced seven days a week, our current response is to only enforce this Monday to Saturday. Outside those hours (and on Sundays at our discretion), unless otherwise stated, anyone may park in those spaces for as long as they like.”

This means that at night, unless the sign says “at all times”, cars can use motorcycle spaces.

It also means that, between 6pm and 8am the following day, unless the restriction on the sign specifically says otherwise, motorcycles can use car parking spaces like Pay and Display spaces and Loading Zones.”