Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration

see “What if my vehicle is roadworthy but no longer registered?” in this NZTA: Re-registration factsheet

Registration is the initial recording of a vehicle on the Motor Vehicle Register, and issuing of registration plates. Vehicles can only be registered once they have been checked to ensure they are safe to be on the road.

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Important notice! regulations for vehicles registered in NZ before 1978 have recently changed (2005) The most important changes are with indicators and brake lights. Vehicles registered or manufactured before 1978 were previously exempt – not any more. This means that affected vehicles will either have to have indicators and brake lights fitted, or acquire an Lighting Equipment Endorsement.
There is only one agency issuing exemptions – the Vintage Car Club.

Non-members of the VCC need to pay a processing fee of $70 and complete a detailed six page document (with attachments eg photos) to apply for a Vehicle Identity Card with a Lighting Equipment Endorsement.There is a specific list of exempt motorcycle models, but only one scooter is on the list – the Bajaj Super 150.

The cost for a non member of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc.) is $70. The cost is free of charge to members. The forms need to be completed and forwarded to the branch closest to you. To find details of the branch nearest you visit the Vintage Car Club website branch listings.

You should allow AT LEAST 10 working days from the time VCC National Office receives the application which comes via the local VCC Branch.
Contact the branch prior to forwarding the information to ask how long it will take for the branch to process their part. They forward the completed forms to VCC National Office.The application form clearly states what items you will need to include.

If you have any questions, you can contact the National Registrar who signs off on the forms (Rod Brayshaw, 07 549 4250